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My Top 10 Books So Far

This is in response to a request made by one of my frequent readers in the comments section underneath my article:This Year, Do the ONE THING.

This comment was made by Tutu:

Meanwhile, can you do a post on your all time favourite books. Trying to build my 2018 list. Thank you.

I started taking personal growth and development seriously around September of 2015, and one of the personal growth activities which I’ve avidly participated in since then is reading books – books aimed at addressing crucial areas of life where we all need to develop in order to become better versions of ourselves.

It is from these books – the ones I’ve read so far – that I draw out this list of my top ten books.  I hope that you find my recommendations helpful!

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So, This is My Love Language

In my article “What Love Language Do You Speak“, I told you that my girlfriend and I both started the year off reading The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  It was our book for the month of January as we sought to understand each other better, and learn to speak each other’s love languages.

Before reading the book though, we both took the Love Language Profile for Couples online, individually.  The purpose was to try to figure out what our primary love languages were, even though we hadn’t read the book yet.

It came out that she had 3 primary love languages: Acts of Service, Physical Touch and Quality Time; scoring 7 in each of those, out of 12.

You can imagine how daunting that looked to me.  I mean, the main purpose here was to find out the one primary love language that we could focus on, and pay the most attention to, while speaking the rest every once in a while.  Now, it was looking like I had to focus on 3. Three out of five! Continue reading →

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What Love Language Do You Speak?

At the weekend, I attended a birthday party of one of my friends’.  He was turning thirty the next day and, just so he wouldn’t suspect anything, his wife called up some of his closest friends to come together the night before and surprised him with a birthday dinner at a very fancy restaurant.

It was a great night. He loved it! Good food, good music, lots of laughter and interesting conversations.

At my end of the very long table, the conversation was particularly interesting. It was about using the line ‘I love you’.  It went from “is it okay for a guy to say it to his close friend – another guy?” to someone actually asking me how frequently I say the words ‘I love you’ to people. Continue reading →

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The ONE THING You Should Do

In my last article: This Year Do the ONE THING,  I posed a question to you: what’s the one thing you can focus on for the rest of your life such that all other things – on your list of possible achievements – would become easier or even unnecessary?

I got quite a number of responses – even private ones – that indicated that it was a timely question, especially at such a time when everyone’s grappling with how to best sustain their new year’s resolutions and not fall off the bandwagon like they say 98% of people do within a matter of weeks.

Well, I have a suggestion for you.

Before I tell you though, I’d like to tell you a story first.  I recently read it in a fantastic book written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan titled The One Thing and I think it’ll drive my point straight home!

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