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Is It Wrong To Be Richer Than Everyone Else?

A few nights ago, I was chatting with my friends when an interesting topic came up.  It was about money, taxation – how they charge an “Estate Tax” on the fortunes that wealthy people pass down to their children or whoever is inheriting from them.

It is a very huge tax, especially if you’re inheriting quite a sum.  I was quick to say that it was wrong for the government to be taking a huge chunk of people’s inheritance but, to my greatest surprise, my friends thought it was the right thing to do –they applauded it.

One reason I cherish my friends is that they are always open to reason.  When we have divergent opinions, we discuss and debate them, raise points and counterpoints; very respectfully and intelligently too!

So debate we did, and I want to present the points they raised to support taking away almost half of people’s inherited wealth from them, and the points I raised to counter them.

My aim is to get feedback from you on what you think –am I right to think this way or are they?

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4 Wrong Mindsets You May Have About Money

In my last article of 2016 (on BellaNaija), I talked about the five discoveries that ‘blew my mind’ that year.  The last one was that “money explains everything” I explained that how you make and spend money can tell me the kind of person you are.  It can explain to me why you have certain conditions and situations constantly around you.

Your relationship with money simply boils down to your mindset. Money simply reveals (or magnifies) who you truly are, deep inside.

Some people subconsciously avoid making or receiving a lot of money for fear of revealing who they really are. Many of us cannot handle that aggrandized base-self of ours.

You are what you think. So, just as the way you handle money reveals who you are, what you think about money will determine how much of it you will ever have, and how you will handle what you eventually have.

These are four limiting mindsets around money. They are common misconceptions that limit people from either making more money or handling the one they currently have, appropriately. Or both!

Here they are:

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