Month: May 2018

5 Things That May Keep You Poor

Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly (POOR), is a clever acronym that I once heard for the word ‘poor’.  There’s some truth to it. In fact, there’s a lot of truth to it!  If you think about it; the reason poor people would remain poor is because they continuously pass over many opportunities to become rich(er).

Now, of course, many of them do not recognize these opportunities when they see them, simply because they lack access to the information that helps you recognize opportunities. So we call them “the less-fortunate” because the only reason we seem more fortunate than them is because we’re more informed and prepared to both recognize and seize such opportunities when they arise.  ‘Luck’ is simply when opportunity meets preparedness.

Things that keep you poor, or stop you from expanding your wealth, are usually in your ‘blind spot’; you don’t see them. If you did, you would do away with them. I should say, you see them, but you don’t recognize them and therefore you don’t recognize the opportunities that come by to help you do away with them.

Well, this article is here to help!  Not only is it going to point out those things that will keep you poor, it is also going to open up your eyes to what to do to change them.  We’ll start with 5 of them, and hopefully start a conversation that would lead to more.

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5 Unlikely Situations That Reveal Your Insecurities

I saw a post on social media. It was a video portraying the lifestyle of Nigeria’s super rich in England.  The person who posted it left a sort of warning that said “don’t hate, just watch and enjoy”.  However, the comments I saw beneath the posting did not reflect a heed to that warning.  The ‘commenters’ were seething with indignation over what they thought was an ostentatious display of wealth by the characters in the video.

I later had a discussion with a friend and the topic of the video came up. He had not seen it at the time, but he had something profound to say; not about the video, but about the viewers and their comments.  He said that situations like that usually revealed people’s insecurities.  So those comments were simply people projecting their insecurity onto what they thought was a threat to it; a revelation of it –they felt ‘exposed’.

This got me thinking about situations in life where I have projected my insecurities or have watched others do so.  I came up with this non-exhaustive list with the intent of perhaps helping you to identify yours, and begin to address them.


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