Month: April 2018

Believe It or Not, These 3 Laws Are Currently Working For or Against You!

If you read my last parable of the two little fish, you would have gleaned that there are laws that govern us in the world, such as the law of gravity.  These laws have, built in them, the consequences and the rewards for breaking and obeying them.  No one will come and punish you for stepping off the corner of the roof of a very tall building.  The law of gravity itself will pay you the consequences of that.

We understand all these things physically.  What we most times don’t realize is that these laws are also in effect non-physically.

I didn’t do so well in Physics back in high school. I remember getting an E8 grade in my first term of taking the subject and my dad was so disappointed because he had a Bachelor’s in Applied Math & Physics.  So, that holiday, he made sure he privately tutored me in the subject of Physics.  I didn’t enjoy it much, but the only things I remember marveling at were the laws.  They were so realistic and applied to everyday life.  I even started doing well in the calculations because, having understood the principles, I could set up the right equations for solving any Physics “word problem” at that level.

“Just master the principles!” He would always yell.

Mastering those principles has helped me master the way the world really works to some degree now.  You see, those laws in physics apply to our personal lives as much as they apply to the world around us.

Let’s take a look at only 3 of them and see how true this is.  I hope that, from here, you would think of more laws and how they apply to your personal life as well; because whether you know it or not they are currently rewarding you for obeying them or punishing you for breaking them. Continue reading →

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