Month: March 2018

Breaking the Rules But Obeying the Law

There was a little fish named Azu.  He lived in a river with his parents.  As he was growing up, he began to swim with his mates, together as a school.

His parents always told him to make sure he swam along with the rest, and kept formation –stayed in line.  He obeyed his parents but he just found it boring, swimming with the same group and in the same pattern every single day.  He would do this back and forth every day, and return home to his parents in the evenings and they always welcomed him home with a smile.

One day, Azu was at the peak of his boredom and frustration from sticking to the rules without any understanding as to why he had to.  So, he decided to break formation.  He stepped out of line, out of school, and was swimming alone. Continue reading →

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3 Reasons Why Good Ideas Come in the Shower

The bathroom is a very powerful part of the house.  It is where the pressed find release; where the soiled find cleansing; where the stressed find calm and rest; where the frog-throats sing like birds; and where the insecure feel comfortable in their own skin.

But something even more powerful usually takes place in there: ideas are conceived, ideas that rule the world.  I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but most of my best ideas always come to me in the shower.  The frustrating part of it all is that I can’t even remember most of them when I’m out the shower. It’s like something steals it away from me once I walk out those doors. It is also hard for me to capture them while I’m in the shower. If I’m lucky enough to remember, then I write down the ideas when I get to my bedroom.

But the question is: why do those ideas come when you’re in the shower?  Why do they come so easily and, sometimes, in multiple doses? And you know that they are very good ones, you can feel it! Sometimes, it’s a good article to write, lyrics to a song you’re composing, the perfect answer to a text message you’ve been holding off on replying, or even the name of someone you’ve been racking your brains to remember all day.

I have a theory as to why this happens. Why you get your good ideas in the shower; the shower where you have no paper or pen to capture those good ideas. I don’t know if you would agree with me, but I implore you to give it a thought and see if it makes sense to you.

So, here goes. These are 3 reasons why you get your best ideas in the bathroom. Continue reading →

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These 6 Things May Be Hindering Your Creativity

Everything we see around us today – the houses we live in, the cars we drive, the phones we use in communicating, even the food we eat – was created twice.

Yes, twice; first in the mind, and then in the physical. Although we only get to see them and use them at the second stage of creation, the first stage is absolutely crucial. Without it, there would be no physical manifestation, no impact, and no contribution to society.

We are all innately creative.  We all love it when we get good feedback on our output. A mother constantly asks her kids how they liked that new recipe she cooked up, a telephone company would call their customers to ask how they find the service (even though they know they might get a “face your work” response), and an employee eagerly awaits his appraisal remarks from his boss to know where he stands in the organization.

Creativity drives us.  It makes us active and passionate participants in life.  One who does not create stays stagnant and passive; very boring.  Worse still, they could do the opposite of creating by destroying things.

Not only does creativity drive us, it drives our economy.  Anyone who puts their work out there consistently enough would usually get a favourable financial feedback.  Therefore, it is never our intention to sabotage this by killing our creativity.  Most times, however, we just don’t know when we are doing so.

Here are six ways, I have discovered, by which we destroy our creative ability, leading to less productivity and ultimately less (self and financial) worth. Continue reading →

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My Top 10 Books So Far

This is in response to a request made by one of my frequent readers in the comments section underneath my article:This Year, Do the ONE THING.

This comment was made by Tutu:

Meanwhile, can you do a post on your all time favourite books. Trying to build my 2018 list. Thank you.

I started taking personal growth and development seriously around September of 2015, and one of the personal growth activities which I’ve avidly participated in since then is reading books – books aimed at addressing crucial areas of life where we all need to develop in order to become better versions of ourselves.

It is from these books – the ones I’ve read so far – that I draw out this list of my top ten books.  I hope that you find my recommendations helpful!

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